We are a premium, technology based ad network with global reach.

We buy traffic directly to all major RTB exchanges, direct publishers and inventory sources.

Data Management

Our DMP allow us to collect, organize, and activate data from any source to gain a holistic view of your consumers in order to power efficient and effective marketing campaigns and more relevant content.

This improves campaigns performance by targeting them to the audience most likely to respond, making your campaigns more profitable.

Traffic Audit

Our clients wish to employ affiliate marketing networks, whilst keeping risk profile to a minimum. Groobyte is able to scan any market and report who are linking to a client’s services.

When Groobyte discovers an affiliate/network who is passing traffic to our client’s services, it records the flow (screenshots and URLs) and shares this data with the client.

Hence we enable our clients to take appropriate action against any affiliates who are breaching guidelines.

Fraud Detection

Thanks our DMP, we analyze all the data that we received and looking for unusual patterns and determines norms to identify anomalous statisticals outliers. By applying a combination of statistical methodologies and pattern-identification algorithms, the fraud detection process can isolate the following leading indicators of potential fraud:

  • Mean-time-to-install (MTTI) Outliers

  • Geographic Delta Between Click & Install

  • Platform Mismatches Between Click & Install

  • Large Click Volumes From the Same IP Address

  • Large Click Volumes From the Same Device

  • We can detect ad stacking also. Ad stacking is a fraud technique where multiple ads are layered on top of each other in a single ad placement – with only the top ad being visible. If a user clicks on the visible ad, a click is registered for all ads in the stack.